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Do you have hidden food sensitivities? Take this free, at-home test!

One in three people today say they have a food allergy or sensitivity and have changed their diet because of it. The negative effects of allergies or sensitivities may show up hours or even days after you eat the offending food. Ninety-five percent of allergies and sensitivities are of this delayed type, so you might not even realize that a certain food is causing your problems.

Food sensitivities can cause a whole range of other symptoms, including headaches, sleeping problems, constipation, irritable bowel, bloating, skin rashes that won’t go away, hair loss, fatigue, joint pain, poor concentration, and many other symptoms. Digestion Connection will show you how to:

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Do you have hidden food sensitivities? Take this free, at-home test!Does a particular food cause your symptoms? Discover a fast, easy, and free way to tell. It’s called the Pulse Test. Thirty minutes after you eat the suspect food, simply measure your pulse according to the instructions on page 269 of Digestion Connection.

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The 7 common foods that cause 80% of all sensitivities!

Corn is a common culprit. If you’re having persistent symptoms, you’ll want to discover if any of the other six most-common culprits may be the cause. This could be a remarkably simple way to eliminate tough health symptoms you’ve struggled with for years. See the full list and complete details on page 161 of your free-preview copy.

The 3 pounds in your belly that you never want to lose!

Your intestines and colon host their own ecosystem of beneficial microbes. In fact, you have approximately 3 pounds of living microbes in your gut right now. These microbes make essential nutrients and play a big role in digestion and your immune system. Without these beneficial bacteria, you literally could not survive. And many chronic health issues start when this ecosystem gets out of balance.

Discover how to restore and maintain these critical gut flora in Digestion Connection. See page 58 of your free-preview copy.

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